Rehab of Concrete Sewer Structures

Structural Rehabilitation of

Concrete Sewer Structures

Our manhole rehabilitation program is a comprehensive repair system that is a safe and non-destructive process that offers a fast, clean, safe, and cost-effective alternative to other methods.

Concrete restoration process

Southwest Environmental’s manhole rehabilitation process is a safe, strong, and durable restoration procedure. This comprehensive repair system is comprised of a one-component structural cement mortar liner or the cement liner and a subsequent epoxy coating system. These materials work together as a non-destructive repair process to restore structural integrity, stop water infiltration, and protect the manhole against microbial-induced corrosion and chemical attack. We install our rehabilitation system (and spray applied epoxy coating barriers) in both new and renewal applications to provide total repair and protection.

In contrast to the customary harsh removal methods, our non-destructive process offers a fast, clean, and cost-effective alternative to the other methods and places non-traditional safeguards, in place, to protect the underground water source, it helps to reduce wasteful treatment plant over-spending; and eliminates excessive taxation on the municipal and urban resident that have to pay for this added treatment. The applications include: sanitary and storm sewer manholes, concrete lift station wet well chambers, large diameter pipelines, stormwater pipe conduits and joints, sumps, splitter boxes, tunnels, concrete/ steel structures and tanks, water treatment plant structures, various abandonment situations, communication vaults, and other underground structures.

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