Case Studies


Quality Services

Southwest Environmental has over 20 years of history providing exceptional services in manhole rehabilitation, protection, and construction for the wastewater utility industry. Since being established in 1998, SWE has developed an extensive portfolio of work for long-standing clients across the Southwest and has become the largest provider in the US of wastewater services. Our focus on safety, efficiency, and immediate project response generates time and cost savings for our clients. Below we have provided case studies highlighting just a few projects in which we’ve delivered meaningful value.

Casa Grand manhole construction install case study

Since 2013 Southwest Environmental has provided the City of Casa Grande manhole rehabilitation services.

Since 2009 Southwest Environmental has provided the City of Scottsdale with emergency or as-needed manhole services.

SWE has provided rehabilitation, protection, and wastewater services for the City of Peoria since 2008.

Since 2013 Southwest Environmental has provided the City of Goodyear manhole rehabilitation services.

Since 2013, SWE has provided North Gila County Sanitary District with manhole and lift station rehabilitation services.

SWE was awarded the City of El Mirage, Apache and Broadway Rd Manhole Rehabilitation project in May of 2021.

These are just a few examples of Southwest Environmental’s experience in wastewater services. If you have any questions or would like some additional information, feel free to contact our Team!