Lift Station Improvements

Repair, Rehab, & Improvements of

Lift Stations

Southwest Environmental provides lift station improvements to create more efficient wastewater systems that enhance capacity, improve service, and system reliability.

lift station improvement

Lift stations are pumping stations that move wastewater from a lower elevation to a higher elevation. Lift stations are essential in maintaining community sewer systems and SWE provides upgrades, rehabilitation, and construction services for these structures. The preventative maintenance and rehabilitation of lift stations increase their efficiency while extending the life of the structure and producing a safer work environment for the operational staff. SWE has over two decades of experience providing lift stations services for municipalities, sewer districts, and contractors. With this extensive experience, SWE can provide manufactured wastewater lift stations, with protective coatings and liners, polymer cement walls, insect control coatings, odor control systems, bypass pumping ports, and much more! 

Benefits of Lift Station Improvements

  • Enhance capacity
  • Reduce sanitary sewer overflows
  • New control panels & pumps improve service
  • Meet peak weather flow demands
  • Upgrade odor control systems
  • Backup generators for outages
lift station diagram

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We are professionals in lift station improvements and have years of knowledge and experience in these services.

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