Manhole Vacuum Testing

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Vacuum Testing & Repair

Manhole vacuum testing is a quick, safe and practical way to validate manhole system integrity. It is a very effective method to ensure the lack of infiltration and ex-filtration of water.

manhole vacuum test process

Southwest Environmental was developed 1998 to provide manhole vacuum testing and repair services to manhole manufacturers/installers and pipeline companies. Southwest Environmental assisted ADEQ in developing and implementing the vacuum test standard of ASTM 1244 in Arizona and has remained a leader in the industry since its beginnings.

Vacuum testing is a quick and accurate method for testing manhole integrity. It is conducted to ensure the lack of infiltration and ex-filtration of water. The amount of vacuum lost over a specified time period will determine if the manhole is to be accepted. If a loss does occur, then there is likely to be a leak. Leaks need to be located and repaired.

Southwest Environmental will provide the vacuum tester and all necessary equipment including pipe plugs prior to testing. Upon completion, certified test results will be available.

Benefits of Vac Testing

  • Stop unnecessary infiltration through manhole structures
  • Fast- Usually takes approximately 20 minutes or less for each manhole
  • Find leaks before backfilling, allowing repairs without digging
  • No water required for testing
manhole vacuum test diagram

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With over 20 years of experience in manhole vacuum testing, we can answer any question you may have about the process.

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