Structural Rehabilitation of Concrete Sewer Structures

We install our rehabilitation system (and spray applied epoxy coating barriers) in both new and renewal applications to provide total repair and protection.

Hydrovac & Jetting

Storm Lines
Sanitary Sewer
Catch Basins
Irrigation Lines


Southwest Environmental, Inc.

The Leader in sewer manhole construction, rehabilitation, and protection.

Southwest Environmental, Inc. was developed 1998 to provide manhole vacuum-testing and repair services to manhole manufacturers/installers and pipeline companies. Southwest Environmental, Inc. assisted ADEQ in developing and implementing the vacuum test standard of ASTM 1244 in Arizona. Since 1998, Southwest Environmental, Inc. (SWE, Inc.) has not strayed from providing manhole, lift station, and pipeline services to the Waste Water/Wet Utility industry in Arizona, from installation of new sanitary and storm drain manholes and wet wells to the rehabilitation and protection of existing sewer structures and treatment plants. Now the Arizona leader in manhole installation, protection, and rehabilitation, SWE Inc. concentrates its efforts in assisting municipalities and collection system owners in renewing their aging sanitary sewer infrastructure, developing assessment/inspection programs, and offering new technologies and products to combat sewer corrosion.


Southwest Environmental, Inc.

Your sewer system specialists servicing Arizona and Nevada.

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