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Installers & Applicators

The products we offer are the products we stand behind and warranty without question and are on the approved product list for municipal use throughout the nation.

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Throughout the years, SWE has seen and used quite an array of manhole products and has narrowed its product offerings to a select few that have demonstrated long-term quality, successful performance with a long-term design-life, and cost savings. These products are the most technically advanced for rehabilitation and protection, SWE stands behind and warrants without question and is on the “approved” product list for use throughout the nation and one of 3 approved in the City of Phoenix. These are proven products specifically designed to perform without fail for programs such as this. Southwest Environmental is the Certified Applicator and Authorized Installers of these products.

On top of that, SWE is constantly in touch with the sewer industry through trade shows, publications, and associations looking for the “next” product, technology, or developing its own product or service as the need surfaces.

The Products We Stand Behind

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We are certified and warrantied installers of proven products in the wastewater industry and we'd be happy to answer all your questions.

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Rehab of Concrete Sewer Structures

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Sewer Manhole Installation

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High Performance Epoxy Lining

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Composite Manhole Inserts

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Lift Station Improvements

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Manhole Vacuum Testing

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Hydrovac & Jetting

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