About Us

Southwest Environmental is the leading provider of sewer manhole construction, rehabilitation, and protection services in North America.

Workers prepping manhole install

The Leader in sewer manhole construction, rehabilitation, and protection.

SWE has extensive experience with the processes and techniques specific to manhole rehabilitation. Our highly trained personnel and industry-leading equipment create incomparable results.

Southwest Environmental (SWE) was developed in 1998 to provide manhole vacuum-testing and repair services to manhole manufacturers/installers and pipeline companies. Southwest Environmental assisted ADEQ in developing and implementing the vacuum test standard of ASTM 1244 in Arizona. Since 1998, Southwest Environmental (SWE) has not strayed from providing manhole, lift station, and pipeline services to the Waste Water/Wet Utility industry in Arizona, from installation of new sanitary and storm drain manholes and wet wells to the rehabilitation and protection of existing sewer structures and treatment plants. The leader in manhole installation, protection, and rehabilitation, SWE concentrates its efforts in assisting municipalities and collection system owners in renewing their aging sanitary sewer infrastructure, developing assessment/inspection programs, and offering new technologies and products to combat sewer corrosion.

Safety Standards

SWE has a comprehensive Health and Safety Plan (HASP) and holds a current EMR well below the industry standard at .71.

Invested in Safety

SWE takes safety seriously and has invested in the equipment necessary to keep its employees and others safe.

Educated in Safety

In addition to typical industry safety training SWE provides third party OSHA training annually to every employee.

A Division of AIMS Companies

In 2020, Southwest Environmental joined forces with the AIMS Companies, an industrial and municipal services provider. SWE’s strategic partnership with AIMS Companies will expand the company’s service offerings and increase its capabilities as one of the leading providers of infrastructure rehabilitation in the country. Through our sister companies, we are able to provide turn-key services in major cities across the United States.

We're Ready for Any Project

Regardless of task order size, SWE is structured for rapid mobilization. SWE is scalable and can quickly bring trained personnel and resources to bear on emergency orders – large or small. Contact us today for your next wastewater project!

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A Proven History of Top Quality Work

The SWE field offers over 100 combined years of sewer-related experience and rehabilitates approximately 1500 manholes per year. SWE has proven to bring safety, value, and efficiency to every project.