INSECTA logo, manhole cockroach prevention coating.

Southwest Environmental, Inc. uses a safe and efficient, patented product that combines insectacide and latex coating to help keep your manholes free of disease causing roaches.


Southwest Environmental, Inc. will provide all labor, material and supplies required to coat, with INSECTA Latex Coating approved for sanitary sewer manholes and clean outs.


  • Southwest Environmental, Inc. will apply an approved product for sewer roach control application in sanitary sewer manholes.
  • Southwest Environmental, Inc. will treat to a maximum depth of (8) feet per manhole, according to mfg. recommendations and will mark each manhole lid with an identifying color after treatment.
  • Southwest Environmental, Inc. will provide proper supervision at job site during all phases of work.
  • Southwest Environmental, Inc. guarantees the application for (2) full years from the date of treatment. If more than 25 roaches are found in a manhole during the warranty period, the manhole must be re-inspected within 7 days. If more than 25 roaches are again reported in the manhole it will then be retreated (within 14 calendar days) by Southwest Environmental, Inc. at no additional cost or obligation to the customer.
  • Southwest Environmental, Inc. will report number of manholes treated with billing invoices weekly. Southwest Environmental, Inc. will keep records of manholes treated from quarter section maps provided by customer and quantity of product used.
  • Customer will supply maps indicating exact location of manholes and clean-outs or pre-mark manholes to be treated.
  • Customer will make accessible all designated manholes and clean-outs to be coated. If customer chooses, Southwest Environmental, Inc. will expose and treat. This will incur additional charges.
  • Customer will provide back up on major Roadways or allow to work weekends or night to complete busy areas.
  • Requirements may be added or deleted from above Scope of Work, however, these must be agreed upon by both parties prior to commencement of work.

License No. 8592