Hydro-Vac Excavating:

At Southwest Environmental, Inc., Hydro-Vac excavating is based on a combination of water-blasting and vacuum power to provide non-destructive excavating of buried pipes, lines and other structures. Water from the Hydro-Vac is pressurized and delivered through a handheld wand to loosen the soil. The resulting slurry (composed of water and earth) is sucked up in a debris hose by the powerful vacuum system and stored in the vehicle's debris tank. A visual observation of the buried underground structure can now be accomplished and the pipes, lines or other structures identified and repairs completed.

  • Safe and efficient method to excavate buried structures.
  • Provides visual confirmation of surface locate marks.
  • Eliminates the need for hand excavation, reducing damage to buried underground structures and possible worker injuries and claims.
  • Minimize ground disturbance and reduce site restoration costs.